Sometimes you have days like these


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you have days like these

  1. Hi Krista,
    I swear I laughed out loud when I clicked over to say hi and what do I see but a big ole donkey smiling at me. See, this is funny because yesterday morning I woke up to watch the sun rise, and the first thing I see out my front window is a newborn baby donkey taking in her first sunrise. It was a delightful surprise, as we recently rescued two female donkeys without knowing the momma was expecting again. I’m sure I’ll be posting my own donkey pictures this week.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

    1. Hey Christy,

      Baby donkeys? Right on! The fellow in the picture is ticked with me because I had an orange in my pocket and he wanted it. I’m following your blog and can’t wait to see your donkey pics!


      1. Yes! A new baby donkey. And it is super cute. It was a complete surprise, but a wonderful one.
        I’m living the Green Acres life out here in Texas, learning all about cattle and donkeys. Didn’t know about oranges–I may try that trick, thanks.
        And thank you for the follow and for the kindness. I’ll have some donkey pictures out this week just for you.
        Hope you have a wonderful week,

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