It’s been a great run

Today, with the release of issue 356, I’m retiring as editor in chief of A List Apart. For the last six years, I’ve had the privilege of making a great magazine with an amazing team of co-conspirators.

Thanks and praise
Anyone who publishes anything knows it takes a group of people to do it well. I owe a debt of gratitude to these fine folks:

  • Producer-magicians: I had the great fortune to work with Andrew Fernandez, Ryan Irelan, Tim Murtaugh, and Erin Lynch, who helped me navigate the mysteries of ExpressionEngine with steadfast grace and aplomb. For their deep knowledge and trouble-shooting prowess, I will be forever grateful.
  • Visual wizards: Thanks to Jason Santa Maria for outstanding creative direction and continuous image guidance. Thanks to Kevin Cornell for ever-delightful illustrations.
  • Acquisitions all-stars: We have the best authors in the business and I thank Carolyn Wood, Candi Ligutan, and Rose Weisburd for bringing them home.
  • Technical editors extraordinaire: Big thanks to Dan Mall, Aaron Gustafson, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Ethan Marcotte, and Mat Marquis who past and present have given mountains of time and attention to ensure that ALA articles are sound technically, from concepts large, to code snippets small. I am in their debt.
  • Editorial visionaries: It was an honour to work with Erin Kissane and Mandy Brown, superlative editors who taught me to edit deeper, and question harder.
  • Our gentleman publisher: Thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman for taking me on six years ago, giving me the freedom to run ALA the way I wanted to as editor in chief, and for his constant kind support.

Thank you, authors
Special thanks to our authors: those brave, incisive folks who are passionate enough about their beliefs in code, design, standards, and content to risk sharing their ideas with the world. We the community, are forever grateful.

Thank you, readers
Above all, thanks to the readers for reading and coming back issue after issue, for your thoughtful comments, for your on-point feedback, and for helping to share our authors’ ideas with your colleagues, your employers, your clients, and friends. For without you, where would we be?

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