Any old Wednesday

wednesdayrun Only three-and-a-bit miles plodding along through the snow. But I did it. :)

I find music is critical to keeping me motivated, although some song lyrics become especially poignant, given Winnipeg’s weather conditions:

The season rubs me wrong…

I hope wherever you are, is a better place than this…

The second song, Carry Me Along by Express and Company, (on, yeah!) is timed to start just as my walking warm-up ends. It’s a toe tapper and helps get me moving:

10 thoughts on “Any old Wednesday

  1. You’re a beast, Krista. But hey, like you said, you’re probably not in danger of overheating. Frostbite, maybe . . .

    80 degrees F today, but ice moving in tonight (crazy weather!). Maybe I’ll queue up your playlist and get out there in solidarity. Does scooting across the ice count? Thanks for the tunes!

    1. I’d much rather run in the cold than in the heat. 80 degrees in December. Wow. I need to move to Texas where it’s summer all year long. Be careful on that ice!

      1. We have yet to make it above freezing today, Krista. Tomorrow I think we’ll even see single digits. Winter Storm Cleon (who names these things?!) is here in force–burrrr, it’s cold! For true summer weather, I say lets move to Aruba.

  2. Are you experiencing deep freeze winter temp. up there in Manitoba? Today it’s -40 degrees C in Calgary..with wind chill. Definitely I cannot bike though I saw the rare daring soul cycling….

  3. As a young girl, I lived in Winnipeg and my clearest memories are of snow, snow, snow.. (Not much better this year in the GTA, though!). Loved the songs and the second one especially with the Canadian version of country!

  4. Hi Krista. Just popped in to say “hi”. I miss you from the blogging course. I hate to think about snow because last winter was the worst. Let’s just concentrate on sun, flowers, and T-shirts.

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