Hurdles and Robots: Boxbe Customer Support

Recently, I approached Boxbe with a customer support inquiry. The customer experience was disappointing for several reasons:

  • Upon discovering their support email address, I wrote to them with my inquiry. Right away, they set low expectations with site copy that indicates support is limited and that you can expect to hear from them within 48 hours.
  • I received an auto-response signed by Boxbe Support, the first line of which counsels me to read all the way to the bottom of their impersonal reply. It contained a series of links to what I’d imagine are their most frequently asked questions, none of which answered my query. Reading to the bottom, the note instructs me to write to a second Boxbe support email address to actually get my query into their ticketing system.

Since Boxbe touts themselves as a method to end email overload, I find it ironic that their first reply is a disappointing auto-responder sent by a robot. I wonder what percentage of queries get solved by this auto-response, which acts as a hurdle to actually getting into their customer support queue.

  • Upon writing to the second customer support email, I received another auto response, with the same links as the first auto response. At this point, Boxbe sets customer expectations very low, as the second line says “As you know, our support is limited.” They also mention that users can expect a response within 72 hours.
  • I did receive a reply (on the same day, which was awesome). They answered my question. I assume it was written by a human, but it was impossible to tell as it was signed by Boxbe support. One might assume that the company is run by robots.

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