I’m joining Automattic

Princess Diana was alive the last time I changed jobs. Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Hong Kong was part of the Commonwealth. The iPod was four years away.

I’ve worked for Boeing for over 13 years–well over a quarter of my life. Back in 2001, a director asked me to make a website to showcase our division’s capabilities. Knowing nothing, I went online. There, I fell in love with the web, and a community that gave of their knowledge freely, that taught one another, that shared their discoveries so that others might take those ideas, build on them, and set them free.

I wanted to give back to a community that gave so much to me. While I couldn’t contribute code, I knew that as a writer and editor, I could give back by helping to clarify ideas and bring them to a larger community. I volunteered at Digital Web Magazine, first as acquisitions editor, then managing editor, and eventually as the editor in chief. A few years later, I joined the staff at A List Apart, first as acquisitions editor, then as an editor, and now as editor in chief–a labour of love I continue today.

On Monday, January 31st, I get to make my internet labour of love my full-time job: I’m fortunate to be joining Automattic, a company you already know and love.

The community that gave so much to me, continues to give to me today. Can’t wait to get started giving back, full time.

4 thoughts on “I’m joining Automattic

  1. Just read this blog on automatic. i think it totally skipped my mind that these awesome sites get powered by awesome people. Really want to be a part of this. I and my Writing partner in crime have used word press to bring journalism and entertainment to our university whilst giving aspiring journalists some sort of a platform to publish and it has proved successful. Thank you word press, thank you Automatic! Read our blog its pretty awesome methinks but needs tweeking

  2. Hi Krista, Just wanted to say Congrats doing something you love. It is definitely a leap of faith leaving your comfort zone – Amen!

    stay in touch.


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