Field Notes, How do I love thee? Let me count another way.

I love Field Notes. I live by my lists. I have to-dos for ALA, for each of my freelance projects, as well as lists of books I want, sites to visit, compelling quotes, and things to pick up at Safeway.

Earlier this week, Field Notes wrote to say they were offering Field Notes Colors subscribers the chance to receive two packages of Field Notes personalized by favorite U.S. state. Wha?

I’m a Canadian, living in Canada. I understand that Field Notes is a U.S.-based company and that they have every right to offer state-based personalization to their customers. But, as a Canadian, I’m not really interested in receiving Field Notes personalized based on a state. Doesn’t do a thing for me. In fact, I found it a little insulting. Why would I want my Field Notes “personalized” by a U.S. state?

I ignored the first note and did not visit the site to choose my states. The reminder notice came, and I wrote back to say that I had no interest in personalizing my Field Notes by state. To my surprise, a Field Notes staffer replied nearly instantly, offering me an alternative. Just another reason to love Field Notes and the real humans who make them.

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